HWSCC organised a reception cum welcome program for Habung Donyi

Hollongi, Habung Welfare Society Capital Complex organized a reception cum  Welcome Programme on 24/12/2021 at Hollongi Check Gate area to welcome Habung Donyi, a member of Habung Welfare Society Capital Complex, Itanagar.

Habung Donyi, APCS(EG) 1993 currently Registrar, State Information Commission, started his Solo All India Bike riding on 14/10/2021 from Itanagar. During the last two months of solo bike riding, he covered every State and Union Territory of India starting from North East India to Ladakh and Kanyakumari in the south. Apart from this solo All India ride, he has already completed a successful solo ride from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh and solo ride to various parts of Arunachal Pradesh like Anini, Mechuka and Tawang as well. and after covering every State and Union Territory since 14/10/2021, he safely reached Hollongi on 24/12/2021.

The Habung Welfare Society Capital Complex congratulated him for encouraging the youths and welcomed him back at Hollongi today the 24/12/2021.               Through his solo bike ride, he spreaded a message especially for the Youth that physical fitness leads to positive outlook in life and encourages everyone to keep oneself fit. 

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