International plastic bag free day observed

PAKKE KESSANG, JULY 3 ; Joining rest of the World, International Plastic Bag Free Day was Observed at Palove village, Pakke-Kessang which was attended by residents of Palove & nearby villages.

During the programme, a senior officer from Women & Child development department S.C Tok elaborated the adverse effect of Plastic on human health, distortion in food chain system, ground water pollution, land & air pollution, life on aquatic animals and lifecycle of Plastics etc.

PRI leader Boli Nabam, GPM, Alontupte attended the function as chief guest had appreciated the organizer for taking up such essential & innovative activities & urged that strong fight against the plastic menace is the need of the hour in all parts of the world. He requested all participants to disseminate these messages to every friends/relative. Many of people at the rural areas do not have proper knowledge of its negative effect & how to manage it, so strong awareness is needed.     

Local leader Chacha Gingma, Rahul Tok, Maring Tok & Er, Madhu Tok also spoke in the programme endorsing such programme be organized at every levels viz- villages, offices, circles & Distts.

Search operation of discarded various plastics in & around the village, pledging to minimize use of plastic were the main activities of the day.

On the occasion the locals pledge to discard use of plastic on daily use and will encourage the use of local made bags for marketing and otherwise.

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