ITW protest continued for the 3rd day to press the two point charter of demand

ITANAGAR, Aug 25: The Itanagar traffic wardens (ITW) protest and dharna entered for the 3rd day here at IG Park to press their two point charter of demand which includes job security.

The ITW more than 150 have been in the protest since Monday morning to press their charter of demand with the state government after the government failed to address their grievances put forward long back.

The protesters holding placards, shouting slogans reminding the concerned authority of the promise made to them to absorb them in the traffic cell. The slogan also included a prayer to the state government for consideration of their genuine demand for job security, they also urged upon the state government that if the prayers are not heard the democratic movement will continue.

The protesting wardens appealed to the state government to absorb the ITW under the traffic cell and the state government should sympathetically consider our genuine demand. The agitating ITW said.

We only know that the state government is our parents and we shall continue to protest before them so that they listen to our prayers and consider our demand. We have no option but to continue with protest and dharna. The protesting ITW said.

We are not asking and demanding anything new but it is directly related with our career and job security and bread and butter for the family and the state government being our parents should understand our pain and sincerity and dedication. Another warden said.

We have never argued with the government but sincerely discharged our duty for the last 10 years. We are taking care of the ever increasing traffic in Itanagar so that the public does not face any problem while  commuting in ICR.  We go to our duties everyday no matter how bad the weather conditions and few of us have been since the last 11 years. The state government should understand our conditions, recognize our contribution and resolve our grievances at the earliest,” another warden appealed.

“ We have to face untold suffering including argument, scolding and even physical assault during discharging of the since duty during the heat summer, rainy days and even during the cold weather but we never give up our responsibility in management of traffic in the capital complex” Informed another warden.

We are expecting that someone from the state government, administration and authority will visit us and give an assurance for a logical conclusion and solution but no one has come and listened to our grievances.

Finding no option we may continue their sit-in till the government addresses their two-point charter of demands.

However, on Wednesday leaders of few social, political, students and youth organizations and eminent personalities visited the protesting ITW at IG Park and discussed their grievances and appealed to the state government for immediate consideration of the demand of ITW under various rules and regulations of the government as per provision.

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