JDU (Youth wing) sought upto date investigation of APPSC paper leakage fiasco and Late Tumi Gangkak mysterious death case public

ITANAGAR, Jun 20 : The Janata Dal (United) youth wing of Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday has demanded the State government to make public related to CBI the investigation and upto date progress of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) paper leakage issues and mysterious death of former APPSC under secretary Tumi Gangkak being investigated by Special Investigation Cell (SIC).

The CBI which took over the investigation process of the APPSC paper leakage fiasco in January and has no any breakthroughs in the case and even the people of state is unaware of the upto date investigation  said JDU Youth Wing president Kipa Talling. The JDU youth wing president Talling was addressing the news persons at APC and said that we are late only due to the CBI has failed to inform the general masses of the investigation and also the clear-cut information on the Late Tumi Gangka mysterious death case. We will not sit silence and mere a mute expectatior on the state of affairs of APPSC paper leakage fiasco.  When SIC was investigating the case, it had arrested several people in connection with the scam, he added.

Stating the mysterious death of late Gangkak has added a twist and cast a shadow over the progress of APPSC scam investigation, where investigating agency ruled the case as suicide, but family members claimed his death as a pre – planned murder, JDU youth wing said CBI and SIC needs to make public the status of their investigation as public has a right to know the present status of report on both issue.

“The proper investigation in transparent manner would help to calm the fears of the public in transparency manner,” Said Kipa.

Concerning the prolonged delays in appointment of new members fo APPSC board members, youth wing also demand for immediate appointment of a new chairman and other board members which may help to start with process of recruitment.

As the unemployment problems and halting of recruitment process has left many youths under pressure and agony with no hope of finding government job so it is necessary that the new commission is immediately constituted, lamented youth wings.

The youth wing further suggested the state government to re-look into the drawback of Arunachal Pradesh Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2014, while giving special consideration of individual’s security and rights. Cited several backdrop of the law and recently detention of several social activist under the said act sought all the MLAs concern should take up the matter in next session of the assembly. 

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