Joint action by East Kameng & Pakke Kessang police, destroy Cannabis

Seppa, Sept 22: A joint operation by Seppa Police alongwith Pakke Kessang district police destroyed a huge area with Cannabis near Sede on Wednesday.
The both police teams request all East Kameng denizens to keep an eye on the nearest cannabis plant. They also request all denizens to share such information with him through call or WhatsApp on 873087-3323 and also send pictures. If any such type of evidence was received through call or WhatsApp, the both police teams assured to take necessary action.

The police also informed that, If anyone does plantation in his/her farms, it is punishable under Section 20 of NDPS act with imprisonment upto 10 years.

They also request local youths not to participate in such types of harmful activities.

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