Kaso advice students community to become a good professional and serve the society and state

ITANAGAR, FEB 10 : The Itanagar capital MLA Techi Kaso on Friday has appealed to the students community to become good professionals and serve the community, society, state and country and become a part of national development.

Kaso was addressing the XIX REILA annual function of Rajiv Gandhi government polytechnic institute (RGGPI) Itanagar and inaugurated several games and sporting, cultural and literary activities of the institute.

Due to late development the education has influenced lately in the state and due to which the development is taking place slowly and as such we have to pursue our education activities very sincerely so that good professionals come up. All the tribes and clan based NGOs are also working hard so that their community people living across the glod learn and get good education qualification and enhance the literary percentage of district, state and country. Said MLA Kaso.

Every parent has a vision that their wards whom they send to pursue higher and technical education with lots of hope and expectation and ask the students community not to disappoint the parents and guardians. Even if a person concerned does not get a government job they should not get disappointed as anyone having skill can have lots of opportunity. He said.

It is learnt that the state government is going to upgrade the RGGPI to degree college and if so it would enhance the capacity of the college as well as the degree courses would also be introduced and the students community of state can avail the facility. This would also help the deserving candidate to pursue degree courses here in our own state and would reduce the expenses of going outside the state. He asked the students to learn the books and pursue good physical and practical training from the experienced faculty available who are well experienced on . he said.

Referring to the APPSC paper leakage fiasco, MLA Kaso requested the students to study well and gain good knowledge and skill and go for competitive examination and serve the community, society and humanity and become the part of development. Added Kaso.

Speaking on a memorandum submitted on the occasion by the students community, the MLA assured to taek up the memorandum submitted with the government for construction of boundary wall, repairing and maintenance of hostel, class and campus as well as repairing of campus roads etc.

The IMC Corporater Gora Tallang who attended the function as guest of honor motivated the students to learn properly to earn and help the parents, family and community for all round development of area, district and state. 

The institute needs to be upgraded by the state government. If the institute is converted into a degree college and students pursue their education back home in our own state. He asks the students to respect elders and teachers and treat teachers as God and maintain discipline to become a fine gentleman to serve the society. He said.
Terming the youths as the future of tomorrow the guest of honor advises the students and youths to stay away from drug menace and join games and sports and remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind. 

Principal, RGGPI Taba Tath inform that the state government may allow for conducting of degree programme and as of now there is no institution in state for pursuing of degree programme.
The major issue of the institution is the trespassing and no availability of boundaries around the institute and is a security threat and some of the staff are verbally abused and the gatekeeper are also assaulted on some occasions.
Encroachment is also a major threat of the institute land and many outsiders residing nearby use the institute through the campus. He said.

We are very hopeful that the memorandum submitted by RGGP may be considered. Added Principal Taba Tath.

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