Kaso to move to CM for infra development of burial cum cremation ground, Chimpu

ITANAGAR, MAY 29 ; The Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso has allege the Urban Development Minister for rejecting the proposal for infrastructure development of Burial cum cremation ground, Chimpu and claim that he will move to CM for the same.

Kaso inform the media that it was a very important place and it is the last place where people has to visit and terms it as a last destination of human life journey. ‘I have procured the said land by spending a huge amount with a better understanding with the land owner for the establishment of burial cum cremation ground with an intention to meet up the needs of the general people who has always been raising the issue with me time and again’. He said.

Since outbreak of Coroanavirus (Covid 19) pandemic the same place has been utilized by the administration and general masses and is one of the important place for burial of several patient who lost their life in the battle against coronavirus and such place need to be given priority and will move to Chief Minister Pema Khandu for providing of such infrastructure and support for strengthening of the burial ground and crematorium ground, Chimpu.

The place presently utilized is a small portion but there are a huge place earmarked for the both burial and cremation and the administration atleast has asked to the land owner or the committee before its utilization and proper functioning. However the pace is being utilized by all the people but earlier it was a difficult task for the near and dear one who have to go to Laluk for conducting last rite with lots of permission of administration and transportation and expenditure and said that I will in any time and any situation will remain with the public service and will move to CM to take necessary steps for improvement of infrastructure of creamatino and burial ground at Chimpu.

After procurement of the land the land development was also an issue but it was managed and a small portion of it was utilized and a plan and policy was put forward for its proper functioning and system with sufficient infrastructure development in the area with proper boundary wall/fencing, water and power supply, provision of firewood and other necessary items which are required for cremation and burial of body with respect. He said adding that the proposal was turned down and it was totally rejected by the Urban Development Minister. He said.

Further, Kaso lauded the students leaders of All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) for motivation the students and conduced social service at the site and involved in distribution of ration items to the studenst and needy person during the pandemic.

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