Kipa welfare society pledge to work for unity, integrity, peace, prosperity and all round development of all clan, community and tribes of state

ITANAGAR, The Kipa Welfare Society (KWS) on Saturday in its 5th general conference held here at DK convention centre has pledge to work for the unity of all clans, community for peace, prosperity, progress and all round development in all sphere of life including the economic upliftment.

KWS has a brain storming session in which all the issues of the community, clan and tribe were discussed  which was ;participated by several intellectuals and leaders of KIpa Clan settles in various parts of state. a new committee was also announced with KIpa Taro as Chairman, KIpa Tajo as General secretary and others.

The day long programme witness flag hosting, the audit report of the CBO, felicitation of achievers in various fields including the meritorious students. Power point presentation was done of various activities undertaken by the CBO in previous years including the Covid management and other social welfare activities and student’s welfare activities and promotion of educational activities. The bye law of the CBO was also review in view of the present scenario of the state on several social, political and other issues.

Former Minister Tatar Kipa, organizing Chairman Kipa Taniang, Organising Secretary Kipa Kanam, former Chairman KIpa Hamak, former General Secretary Kipa Posi, KIpa Sara, KIpa Nyama and others discussed on various issues confronting the society. 

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