Kanubari, The KVK Longding celebrated the World Water Day,2023 with the participation of 58 farmers and farm women. During the outset A. Kirankumar Singh highlighted the importance of water in the world for which the conflicts and tussles are the burning topics around the world. And most importantly, the water crisis in Longding district is also well known to us for which the villagers are suffering for getting the drinking water mainly during the summer months. And it is the fact that the people around the District Head Quarter are paying for normal water for general purpose @ Re. 1/litre which is a pathetic situation in real sense. Keeping in view of all these, he apprised the participants to be aware about the water conservation techniques for the household use as well as for the agricultural use.

He further, emphasized on today’s celebration theme “Accelerating Change” in order to cope up with the situation with sincerity and holistic approach to save water for sustainable use in the days to come. And the use of water as and when required with minimum quantity to serve the purpose without wasting a single drop of water should be habitualised in our minds. And even he suggested to harvest the water from rainfall through different means to serve the purpose when water is not coming from distribution pipelines. 

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