Lone Jubilee Ground dumped from authority concern finds major facelift

TEZU, Aug 11: A key factor obstructing games & sports growth and development is lack of better and updated infrastructure, amid such disgraceful state of affairs, Jubilee ground, the lone ground situated in the heart of town which has remained apathy for its maintenance finds a major facelift which is good news.

This ground has been hosting every official event, festival including games & sports owing to its attractive and well – protected area, strong podium and galleries that bounded the ground. Highlighting its quintessence of the ground, BC Das District Sports Officer said that the ground major maintenance work is need of the hour. “The ground became undulating and uneven, refilling with special mud and rolling to make it pitch smooth has improved its look”, he says. The DSO also discloses that local MLALAD fund is the main source of funding used in renovating the ground and is expected to complete before 15th August 21. 

Above that old dilapidated gallery roof are being renovated, other galleries are also painted and refurbished, old and dumped toilets are dismantled and rebuilt.

One of the officials in anonymity expressed delight over the way the lone ground is given a major facelift. “This Jubilee ground is one of the well – developed grounds in Arunachal and its upkeep and beautification is essential as every event both state and central programme is held here”, he expresses. 

Meanwhile, the sources also discloses that Karikho Kri local MLA is the main architect of the ground who under his ten years of tenure had built up a major part of infrastructures and was unveiled way back on 20th February 2013 as a Parliamentary Secretary PHED.          

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