Massive traffic jams during curfew period, ambulances stuck for hours

NAHARLAUGN, AUGUST 3 ; The day-long massive traffic jam on national highway-415 and other arterial/roads of several sectors and colonies has left untold suffering and problems for the commuters and general public.

The capital complex is under covid curfew from 3 PM to 5 AM every day to break the chain of the infection of coronavirus among the local resident of complex and accordingly the officers, officials and government servants, private individuals and businessmen and other went to their daily and routine works and work assigned to them and to attend their burden and responsibility but it is the daily state of affairs  that almost all the portion of the national highway in Naharlagun township and toward Nirjuli and toward the Papu Nallah remain congesant and the commuters has to waste hours together in the street wasting their valuable time and affecting their daily works and business and other works without completion or done.

Today the traffic jam has broken all the earlier records of the state capital. It was observed that the vehicle coming from Nirjuli area was seen in jam right from the Lekhi village while the vehicle coming from Itanagar were seen in jam from the pahalwan more.  

It is very unfortunate that such traffic jams are seen almost every day in the capital complex and we have to waste our time every day without any work. Said an educated officer attending the work at RGU from Itanagar.

The main road in between Naharlagun-Nirjuli is in bad shape and the vehicle remains crawling all the time whether it is rainy days or sunny days. The highway department is testing our patience. Informed a Trekker driver who ferries passengers on daily basis from Naharlagun to Banderdewa.

I have to go to office daily and since the extension of covid curfew from 5 PM to 3 PM I have to start for my office journey by 9 AM but everyday I use to stuck in traffic jam in any one location and after working for few hours in office again I have to check the timing of 3 PM to reached home and I have to leave the office at round 1.30 PM but I could not reached before 3 PM and every day I have to wasted more than 1 hours every day and I have to face lots of problems in the street. A lady officer coming from Itanagar to attend her office at Naharlagun told this daily.

If DC capital feels that the rise of covid infection is high then why don’t they impose full lockdown for immediate action and he (DC) should also understand the problem being faced by the commuters daily basis. Said a frustrated commercial driver who could not pick up passengers properly and timely and also could not earn even like earlier days said.

It was a horrible experience today when this scribe find that an ambulance was stuck in traffic jam in Papu Nallah for more than half hour and there was no traffic police nor any traffic warden at Jully try junction and the matter was informed to the Capital SP and after more than an hour the police from Naharlagun police station has to manage the traffic.

The local residents in the Papu Nallah area inform that since early morning 9 AM the traffic jam has continued and the commuters are seen in the street. But after 1.30 PM when all the shops on the roadside were closed the commuters were facing and searching for drinking water due to the heat sun. The locals allege that the administration should depute sufficient traffic warden and traffic police in all the try junctions specially at Jully tri junction and Yupia tri junction, Bage tinali and other places so that the commuters do not face such problems every day and the situation remains the same every day.

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