Meet to create awareness on COVID-19 held


ITANAGAR, Feb 12: A day-long State-level advocacy meeting with civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, Nehru Yuva Kendra, National Service Scheme and other stakeholders on COVID-19 vaccine was conducted at State Training Hall, office of the Mission Director, National Health Mission Naharlagun today.

The main objective of the meeting was to sensitize the participants about COVID -19 vaccine.  

 Dr. M. Lego, Director Health Service, while appreciating the CSOs/FBOs and other stakeholders for their cooperation, urged them to advocate the masses and followers about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine and its safety.

“Health care workers and Frontline workers receiving vaccine as front runners itself shows confidence in vaccine and how safe it is he said. Hesitancy in receiving the vaccine is due to ignorance and no knowledge about the vaccine,” Dr Lego said.

Hence on being informed about the safety and efficiency of vaccine, all the stakeholders should percolate down the information to their respective people and build their confidence in vaccine, he urged.

He further informed that doctors and other paramedical staff are in direct contact with patients and at risk and exposed to the virus, hence they are prioritized to receive the vaccine first as per availability of vaccine.

Dr. E. Rumi, Director Family Welfare, in his address said that shortage of health care providers due to infection of COVID-19 could have had a major impact in health system, but due to introduction of vaccine by Govt. of India has changed that.

He informed that India is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods and vaccines globally and all logistics required for prevention of COVID-19 is provided by India. Hence he urged all to work collectively in this venture to fight against the virus.

Dr. Danish Ahmed from World Health Organization (WHO) and NPO- Immunization gave a detailed presentation on COVID-19 Vaccination. He dwelt at length and shared how the vaccine works, expectation from a vaccine, prevention of COVID-19 disease, development of a vaccine and Licensing of a vaccine among others. He shared how many diseases earlier have now been eradicated globally with the help of vaccination.

Clarifying several queries raised by the participants on COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Danish Ahmed informed that vaccine is still needed for people who were earlier infected with COVID-19 since level of antibody is not known and is only temporary.

He further informed that distribution of vaccine depend on availability of doses. “Covaxin is still under trial hence it has low production and availability whereas Covishield vaccine which is introduced in the state has finished all the trials and is about 70-75% efficient,” he said adding that side effects post vaccination is very mild for which precautions can easily be taken.

Dr. D. Padung, Nodal officer (NHM) presented the latest progress and updates of COVID Vaccination programme in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He shared the details of all the beneficiaries who have received the vaccine across the state so far.

 Bijay Dungdung, Consultant (UNICEF) spoke on communication strategy on COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Deepak Mili, Consultant (UNDP) spoke on Co-WIN application, an online application where all the eligible beneficiaries’ details are registered prior to being vaccinated.

H.D. Yaku, BCC Consultant spoke about the objective of the Advocacy Meeting and what is expected from all the stakeholders.

Deputy Director (IEC) Ongtang Thamphang thanked all the Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Nehru Yuva Kendra, National Service Scheme and other stakeholders for participating in the Advocacy Meeting and urged them to extend their full co-operation and support in delivering correct information on COVID-19 Vaccine and overcoming the fear and hesitancy amongst the general public.

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