MLA Kumsi Sidisow Appeals to Protect and Preserve Tribal Tradition and Culture at Pham-Kho Sowai-2023 Festival

Singchung, September 12: Thrizino-Buragaon MLA Kumsi Sidisow delivered a powerful message during the 11th edition of the Pham-Kho Sowai-2023 festival, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the rich cultural heritage and traditional values of tribal communities. Sidisow warned that without such preservation efforts, the identity of these tribes could be lost in the tide of modernization.

Addressing a gathering at Maanyie ground, Singchung, Sidisow expressed concerns about the erosion of cultural roots among the youth due to external influences and drug addiction. He stressed the need to redirect their focus towards sports and games as a means to prevent addiction and promote a healthier future.

Sidisow also highlighted the role of sports in securing employment opportunities, mentioning the government’s initiatives to encourage excellence in sports and provide job prospects in various departments. He coined the phrase “Drug choro kehel me joro” to underline the importance of sports in combating drug abuse.

The MLA announced significant projects for the region, including bridge construction and the development of festival grounds. He urged the people of Thrizino assembly constituency to support his efforts in fostering development and welfare activities.

The event saw the presence of prominent figures, including Sinchung ADC MOkar Riba, Thrizino ZPM Lekhi Sakrinso, ASK Vice President (Admn) Labi Dususow, ZPMs from various regions, former PRI leaders, and youth leaders. Prizes were distributed for the games and sports held during the three-day celebration, organized by the All Bogun (Khowa) Society.

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