More than 150 houses have been damaged due to string wind on Monday night

More than 150 houses have been damaged due to string wind on Monday night

ITANAGAR APRIL 27 : More than 150 houses, churches and offices have been damaged due to strong wind like a cyclone hit part of Itanagar city on Monday night.
As per report several parts of Jully and Chimpu area has been severely affected where more than 150 dwelling has been partially damaged and few completely in strong wind followed by rainfall. As per information as much as 150-200 family has also been affected due to strong wind of those whose cattle sheds grain storage, car parking shed, few shops has also been damaged.

Batt-Ganga ZPM Taro Tagia inform that several trees has been uprooted, few fall on electricity poll and power supply has also been disrupted since last night. Several solar power supply systems and solar panel light posts were also damaged last night. He said.

Due to stormy situation at around 8,30 PM onwards in Pagatara to Chimpu and Jully area the communication system was also disrupted and the roads were blocked after the trees fall down. However the locals have cleared the road between Chimpu-Papunallah with help of cutters and JCB. Several families were homeless last night as all the food items, clothes and household materials had been damaged due to rainwater and hardly few eatable items were saved. Tagia said adding that no one from the Capital administration or state government has come and visited and provided any support to the victims and it is almost afternoon and we are trying ourselves to repair our houses.
Jully Gram Chairperson Tana Taha Tara while said that it was a horrified incident and hundreds of family members have been badly affected and appealed to the capital district administration and state government to depute someone who can visit our area and provide support and relief for rehabilitation of the victims.

Meanwhile Former Minister and Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation (APFC) Chairman Talo Mugli alongwith Environment and Forest Minister Mama Natung has visited the APFC office campus located at Chimpu of which almost all the roof of the building has been blown away during the last night strong wind. Mugli informs that all the documents and office materials have been damaged and our staff are trying to collect it and keep it in condition. The office materials are being shifted to the ground floor and the upper floor of the building is not worthy to continue for official accommodation. He said.
We are preparing DPR for immediate repair and maintenance or else we would not be able to use the premise. Mugli added.

Capital Electrical Division Executive Engineer Joram Lali when contacted informed that since last night there was a challenging task for our staff in restoration of power supply and we have been able to restore the power supply to many areas of one side of Itanagar city. He said.
Several electrical installations of HT and LT lines have been damaged and power supply lines have been damaged. Our man and materials with technical staff and linemen are on job and hope the electrical installations are repaired within two to three days. He said.

The power supply to Dedicated Covid Hospital (DCH) at Chimpu has also been fully restored and the transformer near KV-II Schools has also been started functioning. Lali added.


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