Mushroom cultivation and production awareness programme held

BANDERDEWA, NOV 12 : The awareness programme on mushoroom cultivation and production was held at Durpong village in Banderdewa circle on Saturday to motivate the local farmer for mushroom cultivation and production.

Itanagar, Mushroom development officer (MDO),deptt of Horticulture A R Ering attending the programme as resources person motivated the local farmer and participants and elaborated as how the cultivation and production of mushroom can be enhanced. She also emphasis the mushroom cultivation for local consumption and economic sustainability and self employment. She said.

The department of horticulture is ready to help those who are willing to cultivate a mushroom. She added.

Avenue for Joy foundation AJF (NGO), Chairman Ngurang Taga inform that no one should think of earning without doing any hard labour but hard labour will give satisfaction and good result. Mushroom cultivation and production is very good as it need less labour and less investment. He said.

The cultivation does not need a big place and one can start cultivation even in nearby residential area and in and around kitchen garden. There will be a more such awareness programme in different  placed of  districts and various parts of state. Taga said.

Taga thanks the horticulture deptt for supporting in organizing such wonderful programs with several resources person which may beneficial to the locals. 

The awareness and sensitization programme was held at Durpong middle school in which 45 local people and beneficiaries take part in daylong 

Training and awareness programme. The programmme was organized by department of Horticulture in coloboration of Avenue for Joy foundation (AJF). 

Several PRI leaders of the area, Gaun bura, Goan buri, youth’s, teacher and widows women’s were present in the programs.

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