Musical extravaganza echoes through Pumao village in Longding district

On December 23, 2023, the lively community of Wancho in Longding district witnessed the commencement of a captivating Musical Fest at Pumao Village, courtesy of Assam Rifles. This vibrant event sought to pay homage to fallen heroes, with a special dedication to Late Hav Achak Wangpan, a stalwart who devoted 22 years to the nation before his passing in 2020.

Pumao Village Defense Services Welfare Association, in collaboration with Assam Rifles, orchestrated an engaging inter-village football and volleyball tournament, culminating in a thrilling final match on the same day. The halftime spectacle featured a mesmerizing traditional dance performance by a local troupe.

During the ceremony, the daughter of Late Hav Achak Wangpan was bestowed with honors, while the triumphant team received accolades in the form of medals and prizes. The Camp commander at Pumao Camp, Assam Rifles, delivered an inspiring speech, urging the youth to uphold the legacy of a fearless tribe through selfless service.

The festivities continued with an enchanting musical evening led by the Jazz Band of Assam Rifles, resonating with patriotic tunes. The jubilant villagers, embracing the festive atmosphere, joyously participated with their own musical contributions, ushering in the Christmas spirit.

In a show of appreciation, village authorities and the youth expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the meticulously organized event by Assam Rifles. The camp commander extended warm wishes for the upcoming Christmas and New Year, emphasizing the importance of preserving the courageous tribe’s legacy.

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