National Gold Medalists in Karate receives rousing welcome at Tezu

Tezu, 28 July: Two youth from Tezu in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh received a rousing welcome on their return on Thursday after winning gold medals in the Karate championship in Sonipat, Haryana.

From the Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Sadan Yun and Roshan Tega won gold medals at the Youth Games National Karate Championship organized by the Youth Games Council of India. Both were received by the Yun Welfare Society, All Lohit Karate-Do Association, and All Mishmi Students’ Union along with youth and public leaders at the Airfield Tezu gate with traditional stoles and bouquets.

It is a moment of pride for all our Mishmi tribal society, said Sawan Yun, the General Secretary of Yun Welfare Society. “These two young boys have proven that hard work and determination in any field would bring you accolades and recognition. We are very proud of them both”, he said.

Yun, from Tribal Colony, Tezu town, won the gold medal in Senior Men 84 KG Plus category. Tega is from Hawai in the Anjaw district and he won the championship in the under 55 KG category.

Speaking at the felicitation program, Yun said it feels good to receive such a warm welcome from his own people. Appealing to the youth to give up drugs, he said “Your youthful days are not going to be with you forever. Do not indulge in drugs and other unhealthy habits. Keep them away. Many might ask what we will get from games and sports. If nothing at all, it will at least keep you healthy and there is nothing better than enjoying good health”.

He also appealed to the district administration to provide them with a proper training facility. “We have been practicing in the mud and in the rain. Having proper training facility will produce many champions in the district”, Yun added.

The General Secretary of the Lohit District Olympic Association and All Lohit Karate-Do Association, Sobetso Kri, was also present to receive the gold medalists. Congratulating both the youth, Kri said, “Martial art can take you to places. Because the youth here do not know the scope martial art offers, many do not choose martial art as a sport. I hope that all our youth in the district and in Arunachal Pradesh will be inspired by the example of Sadan and Roshan”.

The youth present to receive the champions led them through the town with flex banners to celebrate their achievement.

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