Ngandam urges Wancho community for preservation of aged old cultural heritage for identity

PONGCHAU, MAY 3  : The RWD, Science & Technology Minister and Pongchau-Wakka local MLA Honchun Ngandam has urged upon the Wancho community/tribe for preservation of aged old cultural heritage for protection of identity.

Addressing the huge gathering on the occasion of installation of log drum (musical instrument) programme at Khasa village in Ponchau circle of Longding district on Tuesday. Ngandam said that this log drum is one of the biggest musical instrument and basically found in TLC region and some part of Nagaland and basically used by the people of Wancho, Nocte, Tutsa and few tribes of Nagaland. This is an important instrument used in the old days to give messages and immediate information to the village in view of attacks on villages, epidemics, social and important gatherings. The Log drums were kept at Pa (Morong) place where male members gather, discuss and take decisions for the well -being of the village and its people. So this practice need to be preserved and promoted even in present days as it is attached with our habits and culture and our culture are our identity. He said.

It is a great day for the people of Khasa village that the log drum is being installed after a gap of more than fo years and takes more than 30-40 years to prepare and installed such musical instrument in a village, on the occasion every member of the village gathered together and celebrate with lots of funfare and enthusiasm. Ngandam said.

Our younger generation may adopt new practices and habits but we should not forget our tradition and culture which resemble our identity. The minister appealed to all sections of society to work together for a better tomorrow and institutions like the Panchayat raj institution , district administration and state government are working for the wellbeing of people and development of the state. He said.

Terming the drugs as deadly and time has come that we all have to work together to get off such substances which are not at all favourable and beneficial to anyone. He said.

The Minister speaks about the duty and responsibility of government and people, without proper support and cooperation and responsibility of people any developmental schemes could not be possible and achieved to the desired goal. All those people engaged in their respective field should shoulder their responsibility with determination and devotion so that it bears fruits. Ngandam added.

Attending the function as guest of honour, Longding Deputy Commissioner Bani Lego said that even if the western culture has been influenced, we should not forget and leave our own traditional values and cultural heritage which is the main source of identity. Lego said.

While showing his concern on the scarcity of drinking water and catchment area, Lego said that it is the responsibility of the general public that we should leave the hilltop and start with plantation and forestry activity and avoid jhum cultivation slowly so that the catchment area remain intact and we may be able to get perennial water supply and the general people of the urban area do not face water scarcity. He said.

Referring to massive faire accident in the district, Lego said that it is a matter of great concern and time has come to think twice ourselves while construction of our dwelling, he suggested to use CGI sheet instead of kucha roofing used of leaves etc. we should also keep a considerable distance from one house to others so that we can able to minimize the fire accident in the district. DC added.

He also appeals to the parents to guide their childrens and save them from going into drug addiction. 

Longding ZPC, Lohpong Wangham, Khasa Village Chief  Ngagng Wangham, Pan Pa Khamtang organizing committee Chairman Lochun Gangdangdam, Gangdiap Gangsa, Pulam Khusumdam also address the gathering.

Several beats of log drug were demonstrated on the occasion, several music though handmade and local instruments were also done on the occasion by several local artists. 

HoDs, PRI Leaders, social workers, public leaders, senior officers, GBs, general public and large numbers of locals were present on the occasion. 

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