NMOPS Arunachal opposed new pension scheme, threatens to go for democratic movement

ITANAGAR, The National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS), Arunachal Pradesh unit held a press conference here at the Arunachal Press Club on Wednesday and informed that the organization is very much disappointed with the state government and is planning to hold democratic movements in the capital soon.  

Speaking to media fraternity, Dakme Abo, president NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh unit disclosed that as per notifications of the Government of India, issued on 22nd December, 2003, National Pension System (NPS) was made mandatory for all the new recruits in the central govt. services.

Abo further informed that in Arunachal Pradesh however, the state govt. issued the notification on 17th November, 2007 and implemented the NPS from January 2008. Whereas, some states like West Bengal still haven’t implemented the NPS scheme. 

NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh unit, general secretary, Doba Ete informed that the employees under the NPS scheme receive very limited benefits when compared to the older General Provident Fund (GPF) scheme.

Doba further informed that NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh unit had written several memorandums and reminders addressed to the CMO, but the organization is yet to receive any kind of response and clarification from the state govt.

The main agenda of the NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh unit is that the state govt. should submit a written representation to the central govt. stating that the employees are unwilling to avail the benefits of NPS and are demanding enrollment in the GPF scheme, the state government should see the welfare and greater interest of its employees and also should inform the central government. Doba added.

Doba also mentioned that after several memorandums and reminders, submitted to the CMO on 22nd March and 3rd May, 2021 respectively, the NMOPS Arunachal Pradesh unit held a mass meeting on 6th November and decided that because of the negligence from the CMO, the organization is planning on holding democratic movements in the capital region soon. 

The organisation has still hope that the state government would do something as most of empllyeed are opposing the new pension scheme which is not at all beneficial for the employees and their family members. If at all there is no action from the state government we have no option but to opt democratic movement to press the state government and central government. 

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