Nyato Dukam flagged off ambulance for Taliha town

ITANAGAR, JUNE 18 ; The Taliha MLA and APB & OCWWB Chairman Nyato Dukam has flagged off an ambulance with several other facilities for the service of people of Taliha township of his assembly constituency in Upper Subansiri district.

Informing the media, Dukam said that there has been lots of problem for transporting of patients time and again due to non availability of a dependable transportation service for the patients in rural and far flung areas of Upper Subansiri specially the Taliha township. Due to bad weather and poor road conditions a good condition and dependable ambulance was necessary and I have procured from my fund for the people of my assembly constituency. He said. There shall be a committee for a few genuine and important people who will take care of the ambulance and I shall arrange the necessary support and cooperation for driver and fuels. The committee shall ensure the proper use of the ambulance for the service of humanity. He said.

Referring to Covid 19 pandemic, Dukam informs that during the 2nd wave of Covid I have arranged around 50000 of facemask, 50 bottles of hand sanitizers, hands wash and has distributed them to the workers community across the state. such items were also distributed to all the government and private hospitals of the capital who are working in the covid management. Dukam added.

Nyato Dukam further said that the pandemic is still not over and we have to take care of our family and ourselves and guide the family members to maintain the Covid behavior so that the trend of Covid positivity goes down in time to come.  

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