Our department continuously works to provide more facilities to Labourers : commissioner

Nirjuli, Labour commissioner Khoda Hinda informed media persons that the department continuously works to provide more facilities and give awareness about rights of labourers. On the 9th foundation day of All Arunachal Pradesh Labour Union (AAPLU) the labour commissioner attended the event and gave awareness to laborers about their rights, facilities and various schemes from the state govt to mass gathering during his speech which was organised at Nikum Niya Ground, Nirjuli. 

The president of All Arunachal Pradesh Labour’s Union (AAPLU) Dana Tadu said that they would work for the cause of the labour community for its welfare and benefits. He further said that the motto of AAPLU is to work for the development of the labour community. He also said that the union would also work for the welfare of the members who are working very hard for building infrastructure and other important projects and schemes in various departments of government and private sectors.

The union is in favour of implementing labour related benefits for the welfare of the workforce of Arunachal Pradesh, who are actually the builder of state, region and also, the country, said Tadu. 

On the occasion of the 9th foundation day of the union, the other members of AAPLU also spoke on how they will rededicate themselves for the welfare of the labour force and development of state and country. 

Several leaders from various organisations were also part of the event and urged the AAPLU to work for the benefits of labourers and fight with the Government for their own rights. 

On the occasion of foundation day the organisation also distributed free water filters and blankets to more than 1500 labourers from the capital complex and various parts from the state. 

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