PAJSC issues ultimatum to State Government

ITANAGAR, Dec 4: The Pan Arunachal Joint Starring Action Committee (PAJSC) has issued a seven-day ultimatum to the state government, urging the fulfillment of its 12-point charter of demands. PAJSC warns of initiating a rigorous democratic movement across the state if the government fails to comply.

Vice Chairman Tadak Nalo expressed dissatisfaction with the state government’s response to the APPSC fiasco, stating that despite ample time given, the government has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. Nalo criticized the government’s assurance copies, deeming them as attempts to deceive the public.

Declining the action taken report, Nalo emphasized that the government has not met their demands, highlighting issues such as the cancellation of charges against protestors and the revocation of the suspension order of PAJSC Chairman Techi Puru.

Appealing to the chief minister to uphold commitments, Nalo asserted that even basic demands, including justice for Gyamar Padang’s family, remain unaddressed. He called for the establishment of new rules and guidelines rather than relying on existing ones.

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