PAJSC observe black day and cut cake in name of all 60 MLAs and 3 MPs of state to show their failure to fulfill the demands related to APPSC fiasco

Manoj Singh || ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The Pan Arunachal joint steering committee (PAJSC) observe 18th February as “Black day” with “Pushtak Jalao Andolan” to show the resentment for not fluffing their demands by the state government and the state government commitment not fulfilled inspite of more than a year after the commitment..
The team members of the PAJSC cut cake in name of all 60 MLAs of state and three MPs including the union minister Kiren Rijiju who represent from Arunachal West Parliamentary constituency, Tapr Gao who represent Arunachal East parliamentary constituency the lone Rajya Sabha MP Nabam Rebia.
The PAJSC Vice Chairman Tadak Nalo while expressing his displeasure and resentment over the silences of state government on their demands on APPSC paper leakage fiasco. He claim the state of affairs of state government in solving the one of the burning issue of state in which thousands of youths are facing for several years. Since the paper leakage fiasco come up is almost two years and till date no examination and recruitment process has been held and the age limit of hundreds and thousands of youths are going up and what will they do if they did not qualify the competitive exam . where will they go and due to which the frustration among the youths are increasing after every passing day, week and months. He said.
The democratic movement is not for me and my family but the movement will give light to thousands of youths, public and officers of state to think twice and thrice that there is a need of strong law in case such fiasco erupt again in future but after every passing of assembly session in last two years the state government and 60 MLAs cutting across the party line should have raised the serious and burning but they merely failed and the people will ask them in the upcoming election and they have to reply to the innocent people of state

He claimed that 60 legislators and three members of Parliaments(MP) of state are not giving importance to the Arunachal Pradesh Public service Commission (APPSC) paper leakage issue and they are busy in their own works and assignments inspite of several protests and democratic movement carried out by thousands of aspiring candidates, their parents and well-wishers. He said

The paper leakage case is affecting not only me but to thousands of youths and their family members, relatives and well-wishers but directly affecting thousands of educated youths of state and our leaders should not keep silence and day is not far it may affect everyone if such continue. Said Nalo.

The state government on 18th February 2023 the same day a year back has assured in written to fulfill all the demands including removal of all the case registered against protester and also look the medical expenditure of protester, but state government failed to do their assurance.
We were having lots of hope and belief on our 60 MLA when the last session of the assembly was held on 8th to 9th February that they may discuses or some bill will be pass on our various demands in regards to paper leakage issue. But non of legislator shown their interest to raise voice. we have elected our leader to raise the burning issue of state but what they did in last five years and the general public and their voters will ask them and they may not be able to answer to the masses becous they did nothing for one of the burning issue of state. He said.

We should elect good leader who can take care of our people, work for the wellbeing of people and serve the humanity and work for all round development. But it has been observed that few of our elected representative has always been seen in party, festivals, picnic and cultural event but when such issue come up they never even try to show any solidarity toward the youth and their genuine issue. The people of state will give befitting reply to those leaders. He said.

We was expected that the state government will bring the Arunachal Pradesh examination (Measuring for prevention of unfair means in recruitment )bill 2023 and other important demands but is was never taken up and is a matter for great concern. He said.

Because our demands and suggestions are to strengthen or reformation and to a strong law or SOP in the Commission. Such bills are there in several states of country and it will help to check unfair means and also help in streamline the examination process but it is utter surprise that none of our legislature taking any interest and shows any interest on the burning issue of state. He said.
We was executed on whistle Blower or Informers protection Act, and to declare whistle blower late Gyamar Padang a state Hero and as a Homage to his bravery bill and construction of the “Statue of Honesty”. It was observed in several media platform that Chief Minister has assured to construct statue of honest in name of Late Gyamar Padang.But state government did not show their interest on the our demands,
We even today stand by our genuine demand and always appeal the state government for solution of the demand which was raised by aggrieved and concern citizens of state and the APPSC aspiring candidates of state for our future or else a time will come we may not even able to look back of past for a better future.
Its not too late so to secure better future we have to see our present and flash back our past and correct what mistake which has been done earlier which need not to repeat in future. Nalo furthers aid.

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