Please don’t venture in the street if you have no urgent nature of work : Capital SP

NAHARLAGUN, JUNE 11: Capital SP Jimmy Chiram has appealed to the denizens of the capital complex not to venture in the street until there is an emergency and urgent nature of works to attend during the curfew period from 3 PM onwards.

SP said that the state government and capital administration has imposed partial lockdown till 2 PM and curfew from 3 PM to 5 AM in morning so it is necessary that the head of department and office has to clear upon their official works accordingly and they also should prepare the works in view of the covid curfew. The curfew and lockdown are for the safety of the common people keeping in view of the Covid infection. He said.

The administration and health department are doing their best effort in covid control and management purposes and we have been directed to impose the curfew and our police personnels are doing their work with best effort.

During normal time there are no issues but the Covd protocol needs to be maintained at any cost like use of facemask which is mandatory and we are also fine a good number of people for not properly using facemask in public places including senior officials and leaders. We have also been trying to create awareness among the people who are roaming on the street without any purpose to stay at home and remain safe from the infection of Coronavirus. SP added.

CHiram further appeals to all sections of society to educate the people living in and around the office and residents to educate the Covid behavior  even during the relief time of % AM to 2 PM in day time.

He also thanks all those who are supporting the fight against the covid pandemic including the students organization, social and political organization and party and likeminded people for their constant support and cooperation.

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