PSCWAAU appeal Education deptt to start offline classes

ITANAGAR, Jul 27: The Private Schools and Children Welfare Association Arunachal Unit  (PSCWAAU) on Tuesday called for the resumption of offline classes in schools from August 1 citing the online learning system has left most of private schools in  financial despair and jeopardized quality education in the state.

In a press conference on Tuesday , President , PS&CWAAU, Yowa Bullet said that online education is not only a proving  to be a threat to the delivery of quality education in the state but is also badly affecting the functioning of private schools and the staffs working in these schools are being the victim of the continuous lockdown..

 “It has been going on for 2 years since the doors of the schools were closed for students due to the Covid 19 pandemic, causing untold problems to the private schools,” Bullet lamented.

He questioned that when the state government can allow the opening of shops in the market then why can’t allow them to resume offline classes with all SoP which is mandatory for all.

“Private school managements are unable to pay teachers and other staff salary, building rent today . Even we are struggling to pay water and electricity bills,” Bullet  said.

We may not be able to take the risk for the small childrens of above Class VIII who have better knowledge of Covid appropriate behaviours can attend the classes. It would be preferable if the hostels of the school may be declared quarantined and the students will remain in the school campus without going out and may continue their education activities. He said.

Strongly advocating for the resumption of offline classes, General Secretary, Jumta Hankar suggested that the state government should allow the re-opening of offline classes in a phased mode with strict direction to all schools to maintain the SOPs.

“Except educational institutions, all other means of assembly are allowed to function.  Why doesn’t the state government allow us to resume offline classes,” Hanker questioned.

” Children are already wasting their precious time roaming around, playing on mobiles and watching TV the whole day.  And staring at smartphone screens for a long time during online classes causing eye problems in children,” he said.

He argued that when online classes are not possible due to internet problems in remote parts of the capital region, imagine what would be the condition of children living in remote areas where there is no internet connectivity.

 “Even where there may be internet, not every parent can afford a smartphone for every child,” he further added.

Earlier on the same day,  representatives of the Association had submitted a memorandum to the Education Minister office seeking his intervention in resuming the offline classes.

Like other people and families were given away with the ration items, the school authority who have such problems should have been also given ration items and supported by the administration and government during the hours of crisis and Covid 19 pandemic.

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