Rebia and Gao advocated the wearing of local traditional dress on all special occasion to promote local for vocal

ITANAGAR, The Rajya Sabha Members of Parliament Nabam Rebia and Lok Sabha Member of Parliament Tapir Gao in an interaction to media has said that we should try to wear traditional attire/dress on all special occasion  to motivate others specially our upcoming youths and even otherwise on all occasion if possible to promote our traditional dresses and attire and our rich culture to encourage local for vocal. 

Rebia said that today is a special occasion as the Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu is on three days visit to state and attending several programmes. He have vast knowledge and exposed to world over and its good time that he is addressing the special session of the Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly session. He would deliver his experience and knowledge to law makers of state which they would carry forward in their knowledge box. He said.

It is a happy moment that all the lawmakers including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, cabinet ministers, MLAs are all in traditional dress and it look better and hope that on all such occasion or even on other occasion or otherwise the lawmakers of state become an example for others upcoming youths for preservation and promotion of our rich tradition and culture of state to the world over. Rebia added.

Gao inform that the arrival of Vice President itself is like a festival and we all are part of it. The celebration has imbibe us to celebrate the occasion and we all are gathered to attend the special session of the APLA and will listen to him. 

We are really happy to see the lawmakers of state all are in our own local dress and look beautiful and we should always encourage such which will help us to showcase our traditional dress all the time and which will motivate out younger generation to preserve our aged old traditional and culture of our state. Gao added.

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