Rebia motivated the frontline workers at Hollongi, Banderdewa and Gumto checkgate

ITANAGAR, MAY 24: The Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) today visited the Hollongi, Banderdewa and Gumto chekgates in papum pare district and motivated the frontline workers and requested them to work with renewed zeal.

Speaking to the press, Rebia said that Hollongi, Banderdewa and Gumto check gates are vulnerable and thousands of vehicles and people use these routes to enter various districts of the state. These checkgate are located on the boundary with Assam where population in comparison to our area is very high so our people need to remain alert and checking and testing need to be intensified and more testing and vaccination process need to be carried out in Arunachal side. Our population is less in comparison to the Assam side so it is needed that our people get more awareness so that they are safe from infection of Coronavirus (Covid 19). Rebia said.

The police personnel should also ensure that no people other than those associated with essential duty may be allowed to enter through the chakgate and also ensure that all other illegal entries are closed and they can take the help of the local resident and local leaders and PRI leaders of the area. Rebia said.

We have been given direction from Prime Minister that all the members of parliament need to tour their respective constituency, cheek preparation and engage in awareness programme and also motivate the workers and I am doing for last several days. He said. I visited several hospitals including the Doimukh hospital and TRIHMS. Attended awareness programme in low profile and also associated with distribution of essential items whatever was made available in the market due to lockdown. He said.

Today I met several frontline workers working at Hollongi, Banderdewa and Gumto police chekgate and also met the police personnels working there. I interacted with them and assured them of all my support and motivated them to work with renewed zeal and sincerity and dedication so that we can win the battle against the Coroanvirus (Covid 19). Rebia said.

The chief minister Pema Khandu and his team are doing the excellent job with support of all the stakeholders including the community based organization, students and political organisation and hope that all section of society obey the advisory and guidelines issued which are in the greater interest of the health of people of state. he said adding that we are in second wave and urge upon all to maintain the covid behavior and SoP all the time as a safety measure to remain safe and secure form the infection of coronavirus so that we remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind.

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