Retired Teacher Donates Pension Salary to Govt Higher Sec School Itanagar’s Welfare Fund

In a noble gesture to demonstrate give back to your school, retired Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Mahendra Pratap Yadav on Thursday contributed Rs. 44, 2, 99 from his monthly pension salary for the welfare fund of Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) Itanagar.

Earlier, a former school teacher who served for 29 years in the school has also contributed Rs. 42,000 for the school after his retirement on 31 August 2022.

In my role as a teacher, I received nothing but love and respect from the students and officials of the school, said Yadav.

Expressing his understanding about the ‘Come to learn and go to serve’, Yadav said that his contribution towards the school is not only to visit every year in the school rather to be in connection with the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

While requesting the teacher’s fraternity of the state to give back to your school, Yadav informed that out of 29 years in the school, he has worked at different sections for 25 years with love & respect.

Every teacher must be loyal towards the school and maintain good coordination with the colleagues, if you failed to do so, you would not be able to survive in the school.

While thanking the teacher for his generosity, on behalf of the school fraternity Principal Tumngam Loyi appealed to the other retired teachers of the state to show the same noble gesture.

Updating on the school infrastructure development of the school, Loyi informed that with the support from DC Talo Potom, the school has every required amenity.

To keep the students neat & clean, administration of the school are procuring school uniforms for both male & female from New Delhi.

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