Several person injured by electrical short circuit in Kurung Kumey

ITANAGAR, SEPT 24 : Several person has been injured reportedly by short circuit followed by transformer caught fire at Ziro point area of Sangram Sub-Division of Kurung Kumey district on Friday morning.

Through no authority including the power department, police nor the administration has clear-cut information of the incident, but unconfirmed sources said that the transformer located at Taji Langpo village caught fire and blast. As several household were connected with the said transformer has to face short-circuit in which several locals has been injured. As per local sources several electrical appliances kept in the house which was connected with power supply has been damaged. Several person has been injured including reportedly in serious condition who has been shifted to Itanagar for further treatment. The sources said.

When contacted the Kurung Kumey SP Bomken Basar has assured to take up the matter with Sangram police and also with the Power department. Enquiry will be conducted as how several local household electric connection and wires got short circuit in one go and fix and negligence if any. 

However, the local has allege that the transformer is not even properly barricaded and even on other occasion it is dangerous and source of accident and fear of loss of cattle and human life.  

Later a copy of a incident report written by power department section officer, Sangram electrical section to sub-Division officer has denied any transformer blast in the incident on September 22nd morning. There was no transformer failure or transformer blast at the said village. There was smoke in the transformer due to overheated or earthling during the fault condition of the line. The incident was not happened by wrong operation of any staffs or department. This was happened may some natural calamity occurrence during the night which shock incident occurred at early morning at 6 AM. The report said.

The report also refer to burnt condition of an orange tree which was touched by stay wire and stay wire might have touched the bamboo and stay wire might have touched the live conductor and the earth fault have occurred and it may be a reason for electrical shock of household appliances and may be due to no proper earthling in the local residents. The report added.

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