State govt banned use of designation plates in front and rear of vehicles.

ITANAGAR, MARCH 17 : The Arunachal Pradesh state government has in an order on March 17 banned the use of designation plates in front and rear of the vehicle as has been practiced after the removal of red light (beckon) from the vehicle to avoid the VIP culture.

An order was issued on March 17 after the issue was raised by the Congress MLA Lombo Tayeng in the floor of the Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly on March 16 during the budget session. 

As per order issued by the department of Transport said that ‘the matter regarding unauthorised use of red light, name / designation plates was brought up and discussed by Members of Legislative Assembly Arunachal Pradesh in the just concluded Budget Session’.

“As per the rule 186 A (1) Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicle rule 1991 notified vide no. TPT(B) 66/81 Dated 17th Jan’ 2002, no motor vehicle shall use name or designation plates in front or rear of the vehicle. Any person who violates the above provision shall be liable to be penalised with a fine which may extend to five hundred rupees”. The order said.

“ With regards to the unauthorised use of red light/beacons, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh vide its notification no. TPT(B) 22/04/2017 Dated 21th Jan’ 2018 has disallowed the use of red light on top, front side of vehicle. However, the vehicle on specified duties as provided hereunder are allowed to use multicolour red, green and white light on top front of the vehicle on duty specified to duties relating to control of fire. the duties by police, defence forces or paramilitary forces for maintenance of law and orders. the duties relating to management of natural disasters including earthquakes, flood, landslide, cyclone and manmade disasters including nuclear disaster, chemical disaster and biological disaster. The order said.

The multi coloured light shall not be put to use when the vehicle is not on the designated duty. The order said.

Every year the list of authorities to whom the permission to use the vehicles specified in clause (A) and (B) has been granted and such vehicles shall display on its windscreen the sticker issued by Transport Department which shall be in a specified format

One person shall be given one sticker and the sticker shall be on security printed watermark paper and shall carry a hologram as specified by the Transport Department, The order added. 

Many complaints have been received regarding unauthorised use of name/designation plates and red light illegally. This has to be curtailed and offenders need to be fined and punished as per the provisions of the Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicle Act 1991 as amended from time to time. The order said. 

All the Deputy Commissioners, Superintendent of Police, the officials of Transport Department has been directed to ensure the compliance of the orders on unauthorised use of name / designation plates and red light within their jurisdiction. The order further added. 

As per observation and information the highest numbers of designation places fitted in front and rear of vehicles are in capital complex and the capital police, capital traffic police, Transport department and capital administration has to get a rise from their normal duty act tough on persons who are using the designation in their vehicles. 

Meanwhile, several sections of people have also raised the issue of tinted glass in the vehicle which has already been banned by the supreme court of India but in state still prevailing in spite of action taken by the police and administration. 

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