Taba Tedir distributed ten thousand saplings of Lalit guava

BANDERDEWA,  June 11: The Education and DIA Minister Taba Tedir today distributed ten thousand saplings of Lalit Guava being provided by the Green Gold company Chairman Likha Maj today.

Tedir while distributing the Lalit Guava saplings to 28 progressive farmers of Yachuli assembly constituency here at Green Gold farm at Tarajuli said that now time has come that we have to fulfil our requirements of our daily needs through our own effort and we need not to depends upon other states for small things specially the food items. Our state has a vast geographical area with fine climatic conditions which support all types of vegetation  and only required is physical labour and change of mindset not to depend on others and to cultivate necessary and required vegetables, food items and fruits and other necessary agri and horti crops. There is a scope of good production and bumper harvest if we change our mindset and devote hard labour and we can see that a time will come we will become aatma nirbhar and self reliant and self sustainability and economic upliftment. At the same time the economy of the state will also grow and everybody will be happy with each other and depend on cultivation or several types of crops and vegetation. He said.

While lauding the initiatives of Green Gold, Chairman LIkha Maj in the horti sector, Tedir said that it is a happy moment that the Maj is not helping the farmers by distributing the saplings but he will take back the fruits and pay for it and after few years he shall also ensure the maintenance of the respective gardens. The fruits will also be utilised in the upcoming Mega food park of the state where a huge quantity of raw materials is required. He said.

Tedir further appeals to all the farmers of the state to best utilize their space for the cultivation of various types of horticulture and agriculture crops/products to become self reliant and self sustainability without depending on government for contract and tender works.

Green Gold Chairman LIha Maj informed that since last three years I have distributed two lakhs saplings of Lalit Guava to the farmers of Yachuli Assembly constituency only. Saplings of other plants has also been distributed to farmers of others area of state to get back the fruits but is a matter of great concern that most of the plants do not bear fruits as most the farmers has not given any time care to the plants and died but on other hands I have cultivated same plants which are bearing the fruits and I have also earned more than 15 lakhs by selling in street of Capital complex and at New Delhi. Apart from selling I distributed  hundreds of kilograms to several eminent personalities, CCC, hospitals and frontline workers and covid warriors as a sample. Maj said.

’All this I am saying is that I have thought that everyone can earn and become a horticulturist and progressive farmers if they have a farm determination with a commitment and I am doing the work in horticulture for last 30 years right from cardamom cultivation, Kiwi,rubber garden, tea garden and now fruit garden. Maj said

He said that I am planning to distribute such fruit plants in future also and I assure that I will take the fruit and for which I am getting into agreement with the farmers and also the technical team will also support as and when necessary. Maj added.

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