The executing agency of 1st state highway (Gopur Tinali-Jote) threatened to stop all activities

ITANAGAR, 24 Feb: Reportedly

the contractor of first state highway – Itanagar (Gopur Tinali-Jote two-lane highway (1st phase) has threatened to stop all construction activities until the state government allocates adequate funds to the PWD against the project for non stop and smooth progress.

In a message to the PWD (West Zone) chief engineer, the contractor informed that the he would be forced to stop work if the funding is not done properly to fasttrack the construction activities.
When contacted, the contruction agency Managing Director, Ngurang Changriang said that, “with a lot of sadness,” he is being forced to stop work due to the failure of the finance department to provide enough funds to continue the work.

“Out of 20 kilometres of 1st phase, the earth-cutting (formation cutting) is almost at the completion stage in 14 km stretch of which the RoW jas been cleared by the fistrict administration. GSB laying has been completed for 9 km and 50 % works on more than 13 culverts are also completed and the work is at full pace. The project is in full progress amd we have mobilise a huge tolls and plants including the man power. The contractor said.
The remaining portion of 6 KM stretch is still not handedover by the administration and department and if the RoW is cleared we can start the work in said stretch but since the funding pattern is like this is the most arising problem and finding no option I have to stop all the activities. The contractor added.

The fund released is simply not enough to continue the work,” said Changriang.
It is to mention that the NABARD has earlier released the first installment of Rs 25 crores against the project to the state government in 2021 itself but the state government is yet to release the said fund to the department or the contractor.

When contacted, PWD, WZ Chief Engineer T Talo denised having any information of auch message from the executing agency of Gopur Tinali-Jote state highway amd said that je will enquire and discuss the matter with Executive engineer amd contractor.

He said there was a provison of more than 14 crore and more than 7 crore has already been released and next phase is in process amd would be paid shortly.

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