There is no delay in filing of charge sheet in APPSC paper leakage fiasco-SIC

Manoj Singh || ITANAGAR, NOV 29 : There is no delay in filing of charge sheet against the accused in court of law in connection with Arunachal Pradesh public service commission (APPSC) paper leakage fiasco. Informed SIC SP  Anant Mittal.

Mittal, speaking to media at his office on Tuesday said that there is no delay in filing of charge sheet in the APPSC paper leakage fiasco. It will be done as per laid down rule and time frame given under CrPc.

Earlier the FIR was filed by the capital police of AE (Civil) and it was taken up by the SIC. which has been taken up by CBI was the 1st case. Another case on October 19 2022 has also been registered by SIC and  now there are only two cases registered and under investigation. Several FIR has been received and as of now more than twenty FIR has been received from various organizations and individuals and aspirants and all the FIR are being clubbed into one and under investigation. He said.

With regard to filing of charge sheets, there is no such delay in filing of charge sheets, CrPC gives a time of 60 days and 90 days depending on the section of law. The accused who have completed 60 days have sought bail plea and we have contention for 90 days as per provision. I am confident that the CBI may file a charge sheet in time within 90 days. The case with SIC which was registered in October and we have sufficient time and we will do it in time. Said SIC SP Mittal.  

Taket Jerang is the main accused in almost all the FIR filed to SIC and due to which we have clubbed all the FIR and investigation is being done as per the FIR filed. We have no lack of manpower but rationalized the force in all directions and investigation is being done in all angles and even maintaining daily updates with court proceedings. He said.

As of now around 22 people have been arrested in the SIC case which is the 2nd case and around 5 in the CBI case.

We are investigating from all angles and if we need, may investigate with others based on allegations. Whenever we get any link and evidence we may even ask everyone including brokers, aspirants and officials. Our role is to investigate and we are doing it professionally and based on proof and link we may investigate any one and no one will be spared. Added. SP Mittal.

If anyone wants to share any information and credible evidence, I have been responding to them all and few that are important for us will be taken in the process of investigation. 

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