Tuki urged upon the Nirvachan Bhawan for additional security of the strong rooms  of assembly and parliamentary constituency

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, Apr 23 : The former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh congress committee (APCC) President Nabam Tuki who is also a MP candidate for 1-Arunachal West Parliamentary constituency has urged upon the NIrvachan Bhawan for additional security measures for the strong room established in various district of state.

Speaking to media, APCC President Nabam Tuki inform that it has been observed that several unprecedented incidents of booth capturing, poll related violence’s and  attempt to damaging of EVMs and snatching of EVMs it is necessary that the strong room established across the state need additional security measures to be adopted by the election management authority of district and state. 

“ I have written a letter to the Chief Electoral officer (CEO)  Pawan Kumar Sain on Monday and has raised my serious concern on several types of violence activities which has taken place during the voting process on April 19 wherein several instances where polling officers were reportedly prevented genuine voter to cast their votes and in several places EVMs were damaged and also attempt to booth capture has been observed. It has also been observed that in several places the polling agents of the congress were not allowed and the agent of BJP was only allowed to carry forward the voting activities. My concern is that to eradicate any confusion among the candidates and political party it is necessary that the election management authority needs to have proper coordination meeting with all the candidates their representatives and political party and brief about the strong management system”. He said adding that all the security lapse make everybody fee about the lack of security scene among the citizens, candidates and political party leaders about the security of the strong rooms. 

Raising the concern over the polled EVMs in the strong rooms and a viral videos in the social media about the strong room of Pakkekessang, Tuki said that several incidents of EVMs replacing was heard  and to prevent any mishaps or manipulation and malpractices it is necessary that the election management authority if possible should allow the candidates to put one locks from their side as a confident building measures so as no one can raise any confusion on the matter related to opening of the strong room. He said.

It is also matter of great concern that the duration between voting and counting is questionable and  in between a huge gap anything could be possible so it is necessary and eminent that the candidates or the political party may be taken into confidence and a separate lock system may be introduced and urged upon the CEO and other election management authority to look into the matter and take additional security measures for the better security measures of the strong rooms. Added Nabam Tuki.

He also appeal the district election management authority to allow political party to lock the strong rooms where the polled EVMs has been kept to be locked with additional lock in addition to those locked and sealed by Returning officer (RO) and election management team/polling team.

Referring election campaigning and voting process, Tuki further thanked each and every citizens, officers, security personnel’s and official involved in the election process, leaders of the political party and the genuine voters those who reached out to the polling station inspite of inclined weather condition to the concluded his election campaign and voting process.

Raising concern on the inordinate delay in the voting process, Tuki said that due to various reason and technical snap the genuine voters has to stay in hours together and even someone has stayed for more than 18-20 hours in the queue to cast their vote and urged upon the election commission of India to rethink to introduce the paper voting system unlike several country of work are preferring. 

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