We are trying to maintain all the required SoP of the administration and government at Hollongi checkgate : inform frontline workers

We are trying to maintain all the required SoP of the administration and government at Hollongi checkgate- inform frontline workers

HOLLONGI, APRIL 25: We are trying our level best to implement all the required Standard operating procedure (SoP) at Hollongi check gate in Papum Pare district as per order issued by the administration and health department from time to time. informed the health workers and police personnel posted at checkgate.

Since the testing for Covid 19 through RAT (Rapid antigen testing) and RTPCR has been ordered by the Papum Pare district administration and Papum Pare police we have been doing our duty with utmost sincerity and devoting our time in serving the people who are visiting the place as a returnees and other for the service to the people of state by way of Truckers and other working for carrying our essential items for capital complex and also those who pass through capital complex to other parts of state.

Though there is a shortage of manpower as the staffs and health care working round the clock and even since morning to late evening work o shifting basis with wearing PPE and facemask and using sanitizers all the time as safety measures is a quite challenging task but it is not only a duty but a responsibility for the service of humanity. The workers said.

One Kako Techi, an administrative assistant working as a supporting staffs helping the police and health care workers inform that during the last lockdown in 2020 we have did the same work for helping the general public and also engaged to help the general public of the area and also those who are in need of help at Hollongi check gate. Since the order of the state government and district administration the testing facility has also been functioning from April 20 and testing has been going since late night of 10 PM and we are insisting everyone other than inter district returnees to go for testing as a facility available for confirmation. He said.

Almost everyone is cooperating and   also paying the prescribed fees as per government of Arunachal Pradesh of Rs. 200 for RAT and Rs. 500 for RTPCR testing and the workers posted provide the certificate of testing. There are provisions for senior citizens and BPL categories which we check and consider. He informed.

The Truckers are also being registered and all the travel history is being taken and if they deserve to stay more than the prescribed time limit they are asked to go for RAT and are also being monitored through phone and mobile. He said.

More than 1500 people have been tested and more than 15 have been tested positive and mostly are returnees from other states preferably students and workers while few are from nearby states. He said.

We try to get tested each and everyone. Even family members of the Chief Minister have also been tested for RAT before entering the checkgate which motivate the frontline workers and health care workers and police personnel as well. Kako said.

Meanwhile, the frontline workers working at checkgate appeal to the general public to obey the guidelines and maintain the SoP as a safety measure to remain safe and secure.

The health care worker informs us that we are working with limited staff and registering everything manually and hope the Data operator from district administration is sent immediately which would be much helpful.



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