We cannot alone win the battle against the Covid pandemic : Capital SP Jimmy Chiram

ITANAGAR, JUNE 9: We cannot win the battle against the Covid 19 pandemic alone but everyone has to support and extend cooperation and join hands together in the fight against the Coronavirus. Said Capital SP Jimmy Chiram.

The capital SP said that as per new SoP which is also actually not news but as per order every institution has close their offices and establishment at 2 PM accordingly they can go to their respective destination in next 1 hour and the Covid curfew begins from m3 PM to 5 AM so everyone should make the programme accordingly.  SP said.

It has been observed that the officers and staff in some cases do not maintain the timing and delay and cross the curfew timing and such attitude will not be considered and we will not allow such an act intentionally.  There was another order that all the financial institutions and banks have also been directed to wind up their works by 2 PM and close all their activities but today it has been seen that the staff are coming home late and we will not allow such negligence again and again on any pretax. SP said.

It is not the responsibility of the capital police alone but every citizen of the capital region is equally responsible and they should be very sincere toward the safety and security of the general people toward the health and also in the fight against the Coronavirus. He said.  We have been on the street just to guide the commuters who do not follow the SoP and urge upon the section of society to help each other in the fight against the Covid 19 and ensure that we all are safe and uninfected by the virus. He said adding that the pandemic is not over but the relief has been just given to get everyone to attend their urgent works.

Today more numbers of force were deployed in all the checknaka and they have been directed that the person with essential duty and urgent nature works and medical purposes not be stuck in such traffic jams or anywhere due to such places of checknakas and check gates in the capital region.

 It is to mention that more than two thousand vehicles have been returned back from various cheknakas in the capital complex during the Covid curfew.

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