Who is responsible for allowing the domestic and stray animals to freely move on the four lane road creating troubles to traffic movement ?

ITANAGAR, MARCH 5 : The question of domestic animals and stray animals movement on the national highway and four lane road has always in the mind of the denizens of capital complex and due to which several accidents has been witness in the paste and also a major disturbance in the free flow of the traffic movement and also a source of nuisance.

Locals denizens has always taken up the issue in social media and also to the administration earlier to the capital district administration and now the Itanagar municipal corporation (IMC) and both the capital administration and IMC has carried out several eviction drive and also has made several awareness campaign on the issue but all the orders, awareness campaign, eviction drive and hard labour goes in vain. And the movement of domestic animals and stray animals continue to rule the roads and the common people have to face on a daily basis.

It is also a matter of pride that Itanagar is a capital city of state and is a selected city in the smart city list of the country so it is necessary that the administration, government and municipal corporation need to check such nuisance in the smarty city by empowering the IMC Workers and supervising officer to take necessary action to clean the city and evict the such domestic animals and stray animals moving round the city, roads, office complex, bus stands, parks, shopping complex  and other places including medical and educational institutions.  

One can easily see the herds of cow, goat, pig, streets dog, mithun moving around the arterial roads and national highway even on four lane roads creating a obstruction and hindrances in  free flow of traffic movement and also danger to the life and security of vehicle moving on the roads in the capital complex. 

It is to mention that the locals residents and denizens have always been cooperating but a few sections of people need more awareness so that they keep their domestic and other animals in their security/captive and do not create problems for the general masses.

Let us wait and watch when the IMC starts with another eviction drive to evict the stray and other animals ruling the city roads of Itanagar capital complex and also get away from the nuisance and problems being created by such animals in the street.  

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