10 insurgents belonging to various NSCN factions surrendered in Longding district

ITANAGAR, In a historic success for Arunachal Pradesh Police, 10 (Ten) insurgents belonging to various NSCN factions surrendered in front of SP Longding VHM Meena. This is the result of joint initiative of Longding Police, Assam Rifles and CRPF. Said in a message issued by Longding district police.

The message said that total 04 (four) from NSCN-K-YA, 01 (one) from NSCN- IM, 02 (two) from NSCN- U, 02 (two) from NSCN- R- 02 and 01 (one) from NSCN- ENGG have chosen to surrender and join the mainstream. Total 05 (five) .32 calibre Pistol, 09 (nine) ammunition, 03 (three) uniforms were recovered.

The surrendered cadres were engaged in extortion and collection of taxes. They were all holding influential positions and had been working actively for the outfit. The Longding police said.

Earlier also important insurgent leaders have shunned the insurgent groups and have joined the mainstream giving a blow to the underground outfits. This is owing to the persistent efforts by security forces to bring peace and tranquility in the region by convincing the underground elements to give up arms, thereby taking the path of stability and prosperity in the region. The longding police said.

The outfits revealed about their hard life in the organization and appealed their fellow cadres who are still in the NSCN-IM, KYA, R, U, KK to give up violence and start a new beginning by surrendering before the police and administration as they said they have understood that life of UG apart from being an anti-national act, is wastage of their precious life. The longding police added.

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