Activist Sol Dodum appeal pn SIT & SIC for proper investigation of the case

ITANAGAR, MAY 15 : The Activist Sol Dodum on Sunday has appeal the state government and investigating agency  which include Special investigation team (SIT) and Special investigation cell (Vigilance-SIC) for proper investigation of the cases entrusted to them by the state government on his charter of demand. 

Activist Dodum while speaking to media during a press conference here at Arunachal Press Club (APC) on Sunday said that what I am today and was only to press the demand of the people and it was the support and cooperation of the general public, it was a win of the public and it is being informed to the people though the Arunachal Press Club to the masses today before leaving to my hometown. The media has fully supported the demand raised through the charter of demand of the public of Seppa and thanks all the media persons who have supported him during the foot march and sit on dharna at IG Park, Itanagar He said.

The problem began only due to non-providing potable drinking water supply to the general public of Seppa even after pumping of huge funds by the state government for several years and a proper investigation is needed, I am ready to cooperate and support necessary documents and videos. Said Dodum.

I am leaving to my home town on Monday and will try to make necessary video of the water treatment plant and other water supply project stated in my charter of demand and will see that what has been happening and how far the department has been able to make it and what would be possible as per assurance of the state government. As per assurance given by the state government should be properly done and the people of Seppa should receive clean and potable drinking water in their houses. He said.

The SIC & SIT if need any support and cooperation from me will be provided but they should also properly carry out their work without any hindrances and interferences like other several cases which have been pending for final conclusion.  I would be happy if anyone responsible for misuse of funds and malpractice are booked as per law and punished and the fund is recovered and properly utilized as per needs. He said.

The state government and PHED department should ensure that the assurances given for proper construction of the WTP and water supply schemes of Macha river, Nyari welly WTP, Kochi river and others project are done in phase manner as per timeline and win the confidence of the public or else the public may lose confidence on the assurances given by the government. He added.

If the things are not in right direction given as per assurance of the state government and investigation not taken in proper way then there would be no option but will demand CBI enquiry, Dodum further said

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