Khonsa 20th July, 2023 : Annual meeting of Tirap Gaon Bura Welfare Association (TGBWA) was held under the Chairmanship of Tawang Wangsa, President TGBWA

 at Circuit House Conference Hall, Khonsa today. 63 GBs attended the meeting.

The meeting started with welcome speech by Asstt GS TGBWA – Jatling Kitnya which was followed by Aims & objective enlightened by Gen.Secretary Telin Lowang in which both of them spoke to bring forward the TGBWA in a new height and appealed to stay unity in any situations. 

All the block-wise TGBWA Presidents & Secretaries  shared their views and opinion about the roleof GB  and problems being faced  in their respective villages

While attending the meeting as resource person – Shri Gawang Sumpa, UDC of DIPRO’s office, Khonsa suggested all the GBs to use Android mobile enable to access WhatsApp message pertinent to various important circular from government offices and for easy communication. He also appeal all the GBs to create awareness not to wear camouflage / military uniform by civilian  in their villages to avoid untoward incident occurring in the region. He further make awareness about various government schemes in different department under state and central flagship programs. Sumpa vehemently appealed all the GBs to wear GB Red Coat in every National Celebration’s Day like Republic Day, Independence Day and other important occasions because Red coat is the Identity of Gaon Buras. Sumpa added.

 Block President TGBWA – Shri Rohang Pongtey who is also GB of Borduria said that TGBWA registration need to be renewed in time in consultation with Charter Accountant.

GB of Old Paniduria Ngoangman Kakho said that  Gaon Bura must maintain discipline and respects each other.    He appealed the President & Secretary TGBWA to include all GBs in Tirap GB WhatsApp group for easy communication. He vehemently appealed all GBs to stay unity to strengthen TGBWA.

New Kothin HGB Wahang Sumpa said that role and responsibility of Gaon Buras in place like Tirap is very tough because GBs are being pressurized from every angles for which conducting of review meeting from time to time is very important.

Khela Bunting Block TGBWA President Nawang Tesia opined that in the coming days Blockwise Presidents/Secretaries must be well informed in advance through WhatsApp group enable to convene a preparatory meeting in block level and to place the problems and other grievances of GBs in the Annual conference.

New GB of Namsang Mongdey Ngongwa took clarification from the house regarding recommendation for issuing of ST to local girls who got married to Non-APST and Non APST girls married to Local tribal.

HGB of Chasa Phochang Wangsu, who is also TGBWA  Kapu Block President opined to approach state level GBs Association for hiking of GB’s honorarium.

HGB of Lapnan Khunkam Khoiyang, Shri Nokte Ngongwa, HGB of New Doidam, GB of Old Changnyak Ranhang Wanghop, Shri Gongam Socia, GB of Khonsa village also shared their views and problems being faced in their respective villages.

Heard the views of all the TGBWA block level Presidents/Secretaries – Chairman cum President of TGBWA – Tawang Wangsa who is also GB of Kaimai village sought cooperation from all of them to strengthen the registered society TGBWA. He urged all the Gaon Buras  not indulge in any kind of unlawful activities including addiction with Kaani and Drugs etc. He appreciated all the 63 GBs out of 81 GBs of Tirap district for attending the annual meeting. He also appreciated IPR representative Gawang Sumpa, UDC for making awareness on major government schemes under state and central flagship program.

All the TGBWA members assured to extend full cooperation with District Administration and Security agencies in the coming days.

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