Yingkiong June 24: District Vector Borne Diseases Control Society  Yingkiong, Upper Siang District   conducted a rally under the  Yingkiong township by the students of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Avasiya Vidyalaya  to create awareness on  Malaria Diseases  as a part of observance of Anti-Malaria Month today on 24th June’2023.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Moli Riba, District Medical Officer upper Siang district and he also delivered  few words of  encouragement to participants and advised them to carry forward the message among other fellow beings to raise awareness on anti-malaria activities carried out by the health deptt to eliminate malaria disease. 

Further, Miss Bharoti Dai, District Vector Borne Diseases Consultant, Upper Siang District also gave some advice to students on rally and highlight the aims and objective  to  maintain Zero Malaria  and to fully eliminate malaria disease from the district.

A total 70 (Seventy) people participated in the programme including Students, Teachers, DVBDCS Team and other staffs.

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