Arunachal Pradesh legislative Assembly resolved to rededicate to building a Vikasit Bharat and Vikasit Arunachal by 2047.

ITANAGAR, SEPT 6 : The Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly on Wednesday during the business hours proceeding of 12th session of 7th legislative assembly has resolved to rededicate to building a Bikasit Bharat and a Bikasit Arunachal by 2047.

Moving the item No-4 government resolution of September 6th  2023 the Minister for science & Technology and RWD Honchun Ngandam said that “ we are celebrating the historic success of the Chndrayaan-3 Mission”.

The Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly proudly joins the nation in celebrating the historic success  of the Chandrayaan-3 mission to the moon and extend heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated scientist behind the monumental achievement, which not only mark a triumph for our space agency but also signifies Bharat’s global progress and prominence. The assembly also welcome designating 23rd August as “National Space Day” to commemorate this momentous occasion. Said Ngandam.

The Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly commends the Indian space research organization (ISRO) for its tireless efforts. Landing near the moon’s south pole  with precise accuracy is  a remarkable feat in itself. Showcasing the indomitable spirit of our scientist. The data collected by the ‘ Progyan’ rover promises to advance knowledge and unlock mysteries on the moons’s surface and beyond. In an era defined by technological advancement and innovation, Bharat’s scientist are beacons of knowledge , dedication and expertise. Their commitment to inquiry and exploration has consistently propelled our nation to the forefront of global scientific achievement, inspiring countless others. Said Minister Ngandam.

The Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly takes pride in the substantial contribution to women scientists to Chandrayaan-3’s success, which will undoubtedly motivate aspiring female scientists in the years to come. The Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly extend congratulation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his visionary leadership and unwavering support for Bharat’s space program. His faith in our scientists and his encouragement has always bolstered their resolve. Said Minister Ngandam.

The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (APLA) warmly welcome the naming of two moon points, Tiranga point (Chandrayaan-2 footprint)  and Shivshakti point (Chandrayaan-3’s landing site) symbolizing our rich heritage and scientific aspiration. Chandrayaan-3’s success aligns with Prime Minister call for “ Jai Vigyan, Jai Anusandhan”. It will expand opportunities for Bharat’s starts-ups, MSME and job creation while also promoting innovations. He said.

The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly echoes Prime Minister emphasis that the knowledge gain from Chanrayaan-3 will benefit the humanity, specially in the global south, exemplifying Bharat’s belief in ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and Bharat’s achievement in the space sector reflect progress, self reliance and global leadership, signifying the rise of new Bharat. He said.

The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly is sanguine that in tis era of science and technology, this feat will inspire more youngsters towards scientific pursuits and offers a unique opportunities to ignite interest in their fields. He said.

The APLA congratulates and appreciates every individuals who contributed to the resounding success of the historic mission Chandrayaan-3 is a testament to Bharat’s immense potential, its determination and its perseverance. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi our nation and our state are brimming with joy and pride and today we rededicate ourselves to building a Vikasit Bharat and a Vikasit Arunachal by 2047. Added Minister Honchun Ngandam.

MLA Wanglin Sawin also take part in discussion and later the resolution was adopted with voice vote. 

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