Assam, Arunachal regional committees
begin field visits in disputed areas

Namsai, August 20: Subsequent to the Historic Namsai Declaration signed on 15th July 2022.
First meet of the ‘Regional-Committee’ was held today at Namsai between Tinsukia-Namsai district to hasten the process of resolving Assam Arunachal Boundary dispute.
Joint inspection to areas identified as disputed were held by chairmen of the regional committees of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh Atul Bora and Chowna Mein respectively, along with MLA Sadiya Bolin Chetia and MLAs Chau Zingnu Namchoom, Jummum Ete Deori, Karikho Kri, DCs and SPs of respective districts and other officials of the department.

Also, Boundary Pillar at Hemanta Tengapani Village in Assam, bordering Mengkengmiri village of Namsai district erected in 1984 by Survey of India was sighted by the team.

Both the Chairmen asserted that the region had no significant area of dispute, however some deviation from constitutional boundary has been observed which can be resolved through dialogues considering the dispute resolving outlook manifested by all involved.
Chowna Mein, Chairman Regional Committee, Arunachal Pradesh said, visit along similar lines will be held in all the 12 disputed areas of different districts and he is positive that with the beginning of this action and through effective dialogues, number of disputed villages will further be minimised from 86 to a much lower number.

Atul Bora, Chairman Regional Committee Assam stated that strong political will of both the CMs have led to a successful out-of-court mechanism of dispute settlement and that he is hoping to dismiss the matter once and for all, for good.

Respective regional committees will submit the first tranche of their reports before September 15th 2022.

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