Assam Rifles & Motorcycle Enthusiasts Unite for Anti-Drug Rally, Spreading the message of Substance Abuse

In a remarkable display of solidarity and determination, motorcycle enthusiasts from across the region came together on Saturday for a three-day long anti-drug motorcycle rally, reviving their engines against the scourge of substance abuse. The event, organized by Assam Rifles, aimed to raise awareness about the devastating impact of drugs and encourage a drug-free lifestyle.

Under the scorching sun, numerous motorcycles roared to life as riders donned leather jackets adorned with powerful messages against drug use. The event kicked off from kanubari today morning at 1030am as the rally was flagged off after a brief cultural programme including the display of Wushu, a Chinese martial art technique. As the riders thundered through the city streets, their powerful presence caught the attention of onlookers, drawing widespread support and engagement specially from children and youth Spectators lined the sidewalks, cheering on the riders and waving signs expressing their solidarity with the cause. The rally also included various pit stops along the route, where participants inspired the residents especially the youth about addiction prevention. Children and women folk of Longding District actively participated in the rally, showcasing their commitment to combating the drug epidemic. The children of Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tissa organised a Nukad Natak on the drug menace. The members of AWWWS (All Wancho Woman Welfare Society) were felicitated by the Assam Rifles for their effective role in curbing the drug menace in the Longding district. Officers of Assam Rifles rode alongside the bikers, emphasizing the importance of community partnerships in addressing substance abuse issues. This collaboration between motorcycle enthusiasts and Assam Rifles was aimed to foster community participation and encourage open dialogue on drug-related concerns.

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