The RCC bridge connecting Boda & Tapariang under Kimin circle may collapse, need immediate repair and maintenance.

KIMIN, JUNE 23 : Due to heavy downpour for last few days the RCC Bridge over river Kimin connecting few villages located near Kimin police station may collapse as the wing wall of the said bridge has already damaged.

Local resident and APSCS&T Chairman Bamang Mangha inform that today we carried out inspection of the RCC bridge on PMGSY Road connecting few villages which include Boda, Tapariang and others is in serious condition. The wing wall of the river has already been damaged and the river is cutting down its course and it is threatening other institution like of Indigenous mandir, Police station and others and if protection measures are not taken the river may damaged several part of Kimin town which is one of the oldest town of state. Said Mangha.

I have informed the RWD Executive engineer of the present condition of the bridge and its wing wall which have been badly affected by the huge volume of river water flowing due to heavy downpour. He said.

Today all stake holders of KImin town have carried out inspection which include Circle officer, Officer Incharge of Police station, PRI leaders, HGB, GBs, Youth leaders, students leader, senior citizens and locals and find that immediate restoration and repairing and maintenance is needed which may be done either by the RWD department or otherwise the state government may like to entrust anyone for the same. Said Mangha.

Hundreds of local people are residing on the other side of the bridge and once if the bridge collapse or damaged before its is restored all the activities of the people may be badly affected. Added Bamnag Mangha.

Kimin CO, OC PS Kimin, Gram members, GB, senior citizen, students and youth leader and other also interacted the media and appeal the Papum Pare district administration, RWD Department, disaster management authority, state government to provide immediate measure form protection of disaster caused due to Kimin and Kud river in Kimin township for the safety and security of people from the probable disaster due to flood and landslide. 

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