Assam Rifles Organizes Motivational Lecture at Vivekanand Kendriya Vidhyalay, Changlang

Changlang, 01 Jul 2023: In an effort to promote personality development and foster patriotism among students, Assam Rifles organized a motivational lecture at Vivekanand Kendriya Vidhyalay, Changlang. The lecture, held on 1st July 2023, aimed to inspire students to join the armed forces and contribute to the nation.

The lecture emphasized the significance of all-round personality development and encouraged students to enhance their self-confidence and communication skills. Furthermore, it aimed to instill a sense of love, devotion, and loyalty towards the nation. The interactive session conducted during the lecture provided students with valuable insights into various entry schemes in the armed forces.

With an impressive attendance of 90 students, the event received an overwhelming response from both the student body and the teaching staff. The faculty not only attended the lecture but also expressed their appreciation for the efforts made by Assam Rifles in spreading awareness about these important issues.

The motivational lecture served as a platform for students to gain knowledge, motivation, and guidance towards building a successful and fulfilling career in the armed forces. Assam Rifles’ initiative is expected to leave a lasting impact on the students, inspiring them to become responsible citizens and contributing members of the armed forces.

As Assam Rifles continues to organize such events, their dedication to nurturing the youth and fostering a spirit of patriotism remains commendable. Such initiatives play a vital role in shaping the future generations and instilling the values of courage, discipline, and dedication towards serving the nation.

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