BJP President Biyuram Wahge appeal the party leaders and karyakartas to work hard for a grand victory of Party in 2024 election 

YAZALI, 1 Jul: BJP state unit president and Pakkekessang MLA Biyuram Waghe on Saturday has appeal the party workers to work fo the strengthen of party right form grassroots level so a grand victory in the 2024 election in state. 

Wahge was addressing a BJP Party programme at general ground of Yazali in 16th Yachuli assembly constituency of Lower Subansiri district. Wahge said that our party karyakartas and the public are our strength and the party is solely of the work being carried out by the party karyakartas and leaders and the general public how it react toward the hundreds of centrally and state sponsored scheme for the welfare of public and development of area, district, state and nation. The earlier there were lots of problem sin all sector in state and in the last 7 years of Pema government in state and 9 years of Modi government at centre has witness a sea change in the all sector of life and major developmental achievement has been made. All the development goals has been achieved only due to dedicated and sincere effort of the team Arunachal leader led by Pema Khandu, Chowna Mein and respective lawmakers of various assembly constituency. The party has not discriminated in the matter of development sector and tried best effort that every part of state are equally developed in all spheres. Said Wahge.

Every party karyakartas has to work equally for the strengthening of the party so that the party get even more seat and if possible all the 60 seats are won by the Party for which the awareness programem fo the party has ot be brought down to every people of far flung area and towns and cities so they the fruits of development reached to every corner of state. Added Wahge.

While welcoming the people who joined the party form various party and others to work for the party so that the party come to power again and the flow of developmental works continue even in speedy way.    

A mass joining ceremony of the Bharatiya Janata Party which comprises of senior citizens and panchayat leaders  under 16th yachuli mandal was being held. 365 people form various panchayat segments and other persons have joined the party with 5 Gram parishad members and one Janta dal ( United) and few form NPP and others has joined the saffron party. 

Local MLA of the constituency and Minister education, cultural & Indigenous Affairs Taba Tedir had earlier highlighted the 9 years of Modi government in the centre and 4 years of Khandu government by saying that through the BJP government good schemes and policies are being implemented. 

Tedir has highlighted the overall schemes that has been brought by the central government saying the earlier policies were in fragile stage now it stands to top 5 policies. 

He spoke on tripple talaq, dhan Jan yojana, Swach Bharat abhiyan and others are being abolished and few other have been implemented. 

He has also highlighted and spoken on the developmental works by the Pema Khandu government which incorporates digital connectivity, e- files, e- office and e-cabinet., Trans Arunachal Highway, upgradation of schools, colleges, hospitals, circles and posting of officers and officials and implementation of several welfares schemes and development projects for the benefits of the masses. 

RWD, Science & technology Minister Honchun Ngandam who was also presented in the occasion have also highlighted the achievements and developmental works of the government by citing various examples. He also explain as how the BJP does not discriminate Christians citing various reason. 

Minister Animal Husbandry & veterinary Tage Taki had also earlier spoken and greeted the audience presence and appeal people to have faith in leadership for all round development. 

Organizing secretary BJP Arunachal unit Ananta Narayan Mishra, Lower Subansiri district BJP President LIkha Togu, District Incharge Golom Bogi,  Yachuli BJP Mandal president Tania Tajing also address the gathering.

ZPMs, PRI Leaders, public leaders, villagers and general public leaders  were attended the event.

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