Assam Rifles Organizes Pre-Entrance Exam for Sainik School at Government Primary School 1 in Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh

Changlang – Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the local education authorities, successfully organized a pre-entrance exam for the prestigious Sainik School at Government Town Primary School 1 on July 17, 2023. The aim of the exam was to identify potential students who would be able to qualify for the Sainik School Entrance Exam, paving the way for their admission to the renowned institution.

The initiative by Assam Rifles aimed to shortlist deserving students by evaluating their knowledge and aptitude through a rigorous examination process. The pre-entrance exam provided an opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and secure a spot in the Sainik School Entrance Exam, which holds great significance for aspiring candidates.

A total of 19 enthusiastic students from the region actively participated in the pre-entrance exam, displaying their determination and eagerness to excel. The efforts undertaken by the Assam Rifles were highly appreciated by the students, who expressed their gratitude for the guidance and support they received throughout the examination process.

The pre-entrance exam served as a stepping stone for the students, providing them with valuable experience and preparing them for the upcoming Sainik School Entrance Exam. Assam Rifles plans to continue its support by conducting mock test exams and offering guidance to these potential students, ensuring that they are well-prepared to face the challenges of the rigorous selection process.

The initiative by Assam Rifles in organizing the pre-entrance exam not only highlights their commitment to education but also underscores their dedication to nurturing and developing the talents of young individuals in the region. This endeavor aims to empower students and provide them with opportunities for growth and success in their educational journey.

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