Assam Rifles Organizes Pre-Entrance Exam for Sainik School in Changlang

Changlang: On July 7, 2023, the Assam Rifles took the initiative to organize a pre-entrance exam for the prestigious Sainik School. The examination was held at the Government Upper Primary School in Phangtip, Changlang district, with the aim of identifying potential students who could successfully qualify for the Sainik School Entrance Exam.

The pre-entrance exam served as a platform to assess the capabilities of Class V students and determine their eligibility for admission to Sainik School. By conducting this exam, the Assam Rifles aimed to shortlist deserving candidates who showed promise and potential to succeed in the upcoming Sainik School Entrance Exam.

A total of 15 students actively participated in the pre-entrance exam, showcasing their dedication and enthusiasm. Their efforts were highly appreciated by the Assam Rifles, who recognized the students’ commitment to pursuing a future in the military.

The Assam Rifles has taken this proactive step to provide support and guidance to the selected students. By offering guidance and conducting mock test exams, the organization aims to ensure that these potential candidates are well-prepared and equipped to face the challenges of the Sainik School Entrance Exam.

The initiative taken by the Assam Rifles has been welcomed by the local community and educational institutions alike. This effort not only highlights the organization’s commitment to promoting education and nurturing young talents but also emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities for students to excel in various fields, including the defense sector.

The Assam Rifles, with its commendable effort to organize the pre-entrance exam, has set a positive example for other institutions to follow. By identifying and supporting promising students, they are contributing to the overall development of the region and fostering a brighter future for Arunachal Pradesh.

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