Byorung Bridge in Yingkiong-Moying Road reopens after successful repair

Yingkiong, June 21: Today, a re-opening ceremony was held at the Byorung Bridge site on the Yingkiong-Moying road in Upper Siang District. Hon’ble Health Minister Shri Alo Libang commended the efforts of BRO Karmayogis from Project Brahmank for completing the rehabilitation work, allowing traffic movement once again. The event was organized by the BRO at the bridge premises and was attended by various dignitaries, including DC Upper Siang Hage Lailang, SP Jummar Basar, DFO A. Boli, and DDMO Beru Dulom.

During the ceremony, Cdr A K Gupta provided a briefing on the repair work carried out to the dignitaries and other officials present. He highlighted that the Byorung Bridge, also known as the Gandhi Bridge, plays a crucial role in connecting the entire Tuting Sub-Division up to the last Indian village, Gelling. However, in June 2022, defects were observed in the bearing of the bridge on the Yingkiong side, along with damage to the pedestals.

To address the distress caused by these issues, immediate steps were taken, and after a thorough assessment, a contractor, M/S Jainuddin, was deployed for the repair and rehabilitation of the bridge. The entire rectification work was successfully completed within the stipulated time of 90 days, as per the contract. As an added safety measure, seismic arrestors were installed.

Light vehicle movement was allowed from June 12, 2023, and starting from June 18, 2023, heavy vehicles with a load capacity of up to 18 tons have been permitted to traverse the bridge. To ensure smooth traffic flow, the District Administration has been requested to monitor the movement of vehicles, with oversize and overweight vehicles above the restored load classification of 18 tons prohibited from crossing the bridge.

The reopening of the Byorung Bridge brings relief to the residents of the region, as it restores a vital transportation link and facilitates the movement of goods and people. The efforts of BRO Karmayogis and the successful completion of the repair and rehabilitation work mark an important milestone in ensuring the safety and connectivity of the Yingkiong-Moying road.

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